Wednesday, May 17, 2017

TX conservative leader wants God to punish lawmakers who support lgbtq equality & abortion

Steve Hotze
Please tell me again how religious right groups and spokespeople actually love the lgbtq community and our allies. Please tell me again how those who call themselves pro-life are actually concerned about preserving life.

But first read this prayer, courtesy of Steve Hotze of the Conservative Republicans of Texas:

 “Pray this imprecatory prayer for the wicked state legislators. In the Name of Jesus, I prophesy and declare: may all the individuals serving in the state legislature, and their staff, who support, promote and practice sodomy and other perverted, sexually deviant lifestyles, who support the killing of unborn babies, and who hate God’s Law and God’s Word, receive just retribution from God for their evil actions. May they receive what their unfaithful ways deserve. May they be consumed, collapse, rot and be blown away as dust from their current positions because of their wicked works, thoughts and deeds. May people scorn them and nations abhor them. May their punishment lead them to repentance and faith in Christ. May God’s will be done in their lives.” 


Last year, the Southern Poverty Law Center named the Conservative Republicans of Texas as a hate group.  According to journalist John Wright, the group and Hotze has a long, sordid history of homophobia.

 Hat tip to both Right Wing Watch and the Texas Freedom Network who both brought this item to my attention.

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Nameless Cynic said...

Well, you have to understand about Steve Hotze, MD. First, he's an MD, and kind of a quack. He doesn't believe there should be any oversight on physicians to keep them from killing patients.

He's also very politically active, pushing crazy (and primarily homophobic) ideas like "Kids will be encouraged to practice sodomy in kindergarten" or the gay nazis are taking over! Along with their own Homosexual Manifesto! (He's also compared gays to termites.) Fox News, of course, loves him, because he's opposed to the Affordable Care Act.