Tuesday, July 25, 2017

'Trump's anti-LGBTQ 'evangelical team' running interference against Russian investigation' & other Tue midday news briefs

Robert Jeffress (top picture) and Jerry Falwell, Jr. (bottom) - members of Trump's 'evangelical team.'

Trump’s Evangelical Team Defends Kushner Against Russian ‘Nonsense’ - The white evangelical sell-out of America is complete. I guess God smiles on possible unscrupulous actions to win an election when you are trying to save a country from "evil liberals" and the "oversexed homosexual agenda." Check the list in the link. Many of these folks on Trump's evangelical team' have spoken out against the LGBTQ community. I personally think they should have stayed out and let the investigation play out. Instead they chose to interject so as to sway people against it.

Gay Basher Now Claims Self-Defense in Horrific Philadelphia Hate Crime Case - Girlfriend, you might as well just stop. 

89-Year-Old Man Tearfully Recalls Impact UK’s Anti-Gay Laws Have Had on His Life: VIDEO - Our history must always be told. All of it. 

Catholic Parents’ Story Reveals the Love, Struggles of Having Transgender Child - Wonderful post!

 Rose McGowan's new short film, Ruth, tells the story of Ruth Coker Burks, an Arkansas woman who cared for hundreds of dying gay men. - I love this!

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John Powell said...

Evangelical Team:
"I can’t help but admire Jared and Ivanka."
Admire them all you like, Pastor, for sticking to their beliefs. That still does not make them, or you, right - except politically.
Gay Basher:
Outnumbered more than 7 to 1 in an altercation that witnesses said they did not start. Who was using self defense?
89-Year-Old Man:
And there are people, today, that believe the Earth is a flat disk. So, no, the struggle is not over. It will be a long time, if ever, before all people can give up the notion that their opinion has to be right for all.
Catholic Parents’ Story:
While the horror stories of being pushed out to live or die on the street are important, this is not one of those. Rather love overcoming personal opinion is the focus here. At 30, when Grace told her parents of her decision, she knew full well that her road would, most likely, not be an easy one.

A wonderful post indeed.
...the story of Ruth Coker Burks:
Seems it is all too easy for stories of people like this to get pushed to the side and lost. Caring people are out there and they deserve what recognition we can give them.