Thursday, December 14, 2017

An angry Roy Moore blames the LGBTQ community in part for his stunning loss' & other Thur midday news briefs

Roy Moore refuses to concede as new campaign video targets transgender people, liberal judges - Still stinging from his much deserved recent loss, Roy Moore is not only refusing to concede, but is also blaming everyone but himself for his loss. Come on, my brothers and sisters. You know you would be just a LITTLE upset if he didn't attack the LGBTQ community in his comments. Strange how the taste of someone implying that you are an enemy of God and America is so much sweeter when it happens after they've suffered a humiliating loss. Seriously, every time I see this video, I want to put on a pants suit and sit in comfortable chair  while a lovingly stroking a small Persian cat in one hand  and clutching a small glass of brandy in the other. All with an evil satisfied smirk on my face and a plot to create further chaos entrenched in my mind. And with that song "Killer Queen" playing in the background as my theme music.

LGBTQ Alabamians Played A Crucial Role In Spurring The Turnout Against Roy Moore - It turns out that he may be partially right. The Alabama wing of the United LGBTQs of America did a whipping on his behind.

Republicans bury anti-LGBTQ provisions in massive higher education bill - Let's not get so happy that we forget that we are still at war with some people determined to hinder our equality and right to self-determination. 

 Fears rise over LGBT discrimination in conservative Paraguay - AND let's not get forget that our struggle is worldwide.

  Seeking to Serve: The Next Generation of LGBTQ Politicians - Yes! A million times YES!

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