Thursday, December 14, 2017

Religious right made themselves look like immoral, power-hungry fools by supporting Roy Moore

James Dobson was among the religious right leaders who made fools of themselves by supporting Roy Moore.

With folks calling Steve Bannon and Donald Trump the big losers in Roy Moore's loss in the AL senatorial election, I am a little distressed that hardly anyone is paying attention to what the anti-LGBTQ/evangelical/religious right lost.

Remember that these groups and personalities supported Moore and doubled down even after the charges thrown at him regarding underage girls.

Rob Boston,director of Communications at Americans United for Separation of Church and State, just posted a wonderful column which spills the tea on how groups like the American Family Association and individual such as James Dobson made complete fools of themselves while exposing their true faces as power hungry demagogues:

 . . . Others decided that attacking Moore’s victims was the way to go. Bryan Fischer, a columnist for the American Family Association who has made a name for himself by proffering views so extreme they’d make Cotton Mather blush, went after Corfman.

According to Fischer, Corfman “has credibility problems as a witness. She’s gone bankrupt three times, has tangled with the IRS, and has been through three divorces.” (It’s unclear how any of this discredits Corfman. And I know of someone who has had similar problems – Fischer’s hero, President Donald Trump.) 
Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council (FRC), said that if the allegations against Moore were true, they should disqualify him from the Senate. It was tough talk, but Perkins backed it up with absolutely no action. In fact, FRC’s political action committee had earlier endorsed Moore and didn’t withdraw that support. 
But perhaps the person who emerges most tattered from the Moore debacle is James C. Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family. Let’s take a minute to remember what Dobson became famous for (other than telling parents to beat their children): He is a notorious national scold, the scourge of the LGBTQ community. 
 . . . So Dobson was furious over Moore’s focus on teens, right? Nope. Not only did Dobson not criticize Moore, he celebrated the man. Dobson personally endorsed Moore and recorded a radio ad for him, during which he lauded Moore as “a man of proven character and integrity.” (Tell that to the girls Moore was allegedly bothering at a Gadsden mall in the late 1970s.) 
 . . .This incident won’t slow the Religious Right down, of course. The hypocrite brigade will continue to judge and attack others. But they’ve handed those of us who are frequent targets for their outrage a powerful weapon. Their yawing ethical void was fully opened Tuesday night, and all of America could peer into it.

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