Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Black History is LGBTQ History & LGBTQ History is Black History

When some naysayers ask me why do I demand respect for famous LGBTQs of color during Black History Month, my answer is simple:

"I'm like Glenn Close in 'Fatal Attraction.' I will NOT be ignored."

The following videos are simple reminders that the LGBTQ and the African-American communities are more intertwined than folks like to admit.

And another video because transgender African-Americans don't really get their due. I love this video because it includes some contemporary people, including some very good friends of mine (yes, I'm name-droppping):


Frank said...

For so many, their sexuality/gender identity is not well known. Being out and visible is so important to our community, to young LGBTs and to the wider "straight" community. I smile thinking that these beautiful transgender individuals should use the public bathrooms corresponding to their assigned birth gender...can imagine the outcry of those who demand such nonsense.

Kevin Andrews said...

Thank you Alvin for all you do to help truth win.