Thursday, February 22, 2018

''Defiantly different' 10-yr old reminds us not to forget about our LGBTQ children' & other Thur midday news briefs

Meet The ‘Defiantly Different’ 10-Year-Old Set To Steal The Show At NYC Pride - Some folks - even some on our side of the spectrum - will probably disagree, but I'm not changing my mind. Children are coming out at younger ages and androgynous children exist. We need to accept this and deal with it in a way in which they are embraced and supported. Period.

No recommendation from Mattis yet on trans military service - Come on, Mattis. Get off your butt.

Outspoken Parkland Survivor Emma González is President of School’s Gay-Straight Alliance - Let's not forget that LGBTQ children were also affected by that awful Florida tragedy.

Before Moonlight: 10 films that celebrate the African American LGBT experience - Sweet!

"Queer Eye" Is The Most Empowering And Positive Show On TV Right Now - I didn't particularly care for the earlier version, but this one looks like a real winner.

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