Thursday, June 28, 2018

'Groups giddy about Kennedy retirement, while bigot 'educates' about 'male butt sex'' & other Thur midday news briefs

Before diving in the news briefs, check out this video for a wonderful laugh. Anti-LGBTQ activist Dave Daubenmire resurrects the language and tone abandoned by "respectable" anti-LGBT groups, i.e. he melts down talking about "male butt sex." 

Ecstatic’ Religious Right Sees Kennedy Resignation As Chance To Overturn Roe, Obergefell - Meanwhile, the rest of the religious and evangelical right are having a public orgasm over the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy.

5 reasons why Anthony Kennedy’s retirement is a major blow for LGBTQ rights - What we may lose because Kennedy is retiring. 

Here’s why the GOP going after Roe v. Wade, LGBT and civil rights is a really bad idea for them - This opinion piece does bring up a good point which no one talks about - the religious and evangelical right are eager to undermine LGBTQ equality but probably fear the idea of a nation of pissed-off gay folks. It's no joke. There is an element of fear there which they hide quite expertly.

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