Thursday, June 28, 2018

We should never forget what Fox News did to President Obama . . . and we should never forgive either

This isn't an LGBTQ issue per se. But then again maybe it is. Being an African-American, I was very ecstatic when Barack Obama became the first black president of the United States. And I was also disgusted by the ways in which Fox News chipped away at him throughout his eight years in office by constantly labeling him as hating America and defining even the smallest of his actions as attempts to harm the country. It was deliberate. And it probably helped foster the vile attitudes among voters which led to Trump winning the Oval Office and all of the horrors coming with it, including a possible erosion of LGBTQ rights by whomever he selects to fill Kennedy's seat on SCOTUS.

History will NOT be kind to Fox News. And neither should any freedom-loving American.

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Frank said...

I know why I don’t watch Fox ... I would have had hypertension and a heart condition by now. One can take 99% of those comments and apply them to DT times 10. I am white but these people make me ashamed. I agree that Fox and similar pundits are to blame for the proliferation of hate in this country. We all end up preaching to the choir and I don’t see a way back from this madness. In another time and place I would be a monk. But alas, the (Catholic) church is now part of the problem.