Monday, July 02, 2018

'Ohio news station gives much needed platform to transgender community' & other Mon midday news briefs

Ohio news station hosts the mother of a transgender boy to highlight dangers of anti-trans bill - You mean actually interviewing transgender people or supportive members of their family instead of bought-and-paid-for pundits or anti-LGBTQ talking heads with precise talking points? Why the very idea is so novel that it may actually give us a clear view of issues facing transgender Americans! 

Meet ‘Mama Dragons,’ A Fierce Group Of Moms ‘Breathing Fire’ For Their LGBTQ Kids - Mama Dragons? I LOVE it! 

Mormon Rockstar Releases Documentary on Helping LGBTQ Youth - I am in total support of this.

Here's What Pride In 2018 Looks Like All Around The World - Soak it in, folks. We are STILL badasses.

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