Monday, September 24, 2018

When defending Kavanaugh fails, attack Obama and his alleged girlfriends (and boyfriends)

While defending Trump's SCOTUS pick and accused assaulter of women Brett Kavanaugh, high and low profile Trump supporters are doing what they do best:

Pointing the finger at Obama.

Wayne Allyn Root, conservative radio and television personality and extreme Trump supporter who was recently the opening speaker for one of his rallies, sent out the following tweet today:

The vast majority of those who tweeted back rightfully poked fun at Allyn's silly whataboutism and attempt to drag Obama into this mess.  Generally, folks pointed out that the situation had nothing to do with Obama and that the former president is a decent person who respects women.

Then there were those who agreed with Root's tweet.

There weren't many, but a great number of those who did reached back to the absolutely ridiculous rumor that Obama is secretly gay. The following are a few of those. I deliberately excluded the tweets about Michelle Obama (if you have trouble reading the tweets, click on them to enlarge):

Just remember this nonsense come election day in November. But I do have one question. I wonder how many of these folks tweeting those nasty comments about Obama have "Christian" or a Biblical verse in their twitter profiles. 

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