Thursday, March 14, 2019

'Christian' Trump supporters spew nasty rage at presidential candidate who called out Mike Pence's hypocrisy

Sunday night, openly gay presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg called out the hypocrisy of VP Mike Pence. Buttigieg called Pence a "cheerleader of  the pornstar presidency" because Pence's reputation of being an evangelical Christian conflicts with Trump's less-than Christian attitude and exploits.

Buttigieg's comments got a lot of attention, but not all of it was positive. Readers of the religious right "news source" One News Now (courtesy of hate group the American Family Association) abandoned all pretenses of  a Christian attitude as they defended Pence by viciously attacking Buttgieg. I don't know what was more interesting - the way some of them sidestepped Buttigieg's point, or how some of them went right at connecting his name with anal sex.

No wonder some of them confuse love of Christ with love of Trump. They seem to have more in common with Trump than they claim to have with Jesus (click on graphic to get a larger view):

This homosexual mayor is NOT a CHRISTIAN (a follower of Jesus Christ and HIS teachings), because our Messiah's teachings are totally based on Father God's BIBLICAL teaching that marriage is between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN, which were God's instructions to Adam and Eve that they PROPAGATE the Human species THROUGHOUT the EARTH, something ONLY physically POSSIBLE between a man and a woman for a man has the SPERM needed to FERTILIZE a woman's EGG in order to create a HUMAN baby. It is totally IMPOSSIBLE for a HOMOSEXUAL couple to DO this through HOMOSEXUAL SEX!

Hey! Let he who has no sin throw the first stone here! 
Biblical Sexuality is a moral standing in the Bible, homosexuality is not.

Wow! So many things I want to comment on, but it would take too many words. This man repeats the liberal mantra that has no truth. God's Word is the only source of truth and I would suggest that Buttigieg read his Bible instead of listening to the message in his church. He is clearly following a lie and will answer for it when he stands before God some day. 
The appropriately named Mr. Butt-Gig really knows a lot about being a Christian when he doesn't know that his behavior is "an abomination."

Sodomites have reprobate minds according to the Bible. No one should listen to nor care what a reprobate says. Lest he/she repent they are doomed to Hell fire for eternity. Pray they will repent and get saved. 
As Christians we pray for a gay persons peace of mind and body. We do not want you to die in your sins. The majority of us are naturally man or woman without THAT sin. But we mortify our sin daily. We consult the spirit of Christ to be our foundation of righteousness. We strive to live beyond reproach. We all have to answer to Jehovah God of The Holy Bible.

What and arrogant man....if he'd like a refresher on the Bible and sexuality, read and re-read Romans 124-32....and yes, these verses are applicable to Trump and anyone among us who fall to sexual sins. And his implications that Bible believing folks are backwards and those that a gay and support the alphabet folks agenda are progressive....well, when you make that pronouncement to Christ, the smirk of your progressive arrogance will be WIPED off your face! I know I would support Pence over this man any day! I know I will stick to Biblical principles....period. 
No matter how many women a man sleeps with it doesn’t approach the level of deep depravity and immorality as one, only one such act with another man. Nuff said.

Validation of the corn-hole is what this mayor really stands for... 
Pence agreed to accept the Vice Presidency for no other reason than to defend what’s left of America’s values, one of them in Christianity, the foundation on which this country was built by our forefathers. Without more like him, this country is doomed.  
So the sodomite is questioning someone else's morality. Isn't that precious?

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