Thursday, February 13, 2020

Video: There is NO 'gay agenda' to destroy the black family. So stop saying that nonsense!

 I keep hearing the tired complaint by some progressives and liberals about a fear of the LGBTQ community being "whitewashed," or "assimilated" into society. Personally, I think it's a load of bullshit, but I have an idea for those complaining. Why not elevate diverse LGBTQ voices into the mainstream.Such as the voices in the above video.  These are nine gay men of color shattering the myths that being gay is somehow in conflict to being black and that there is a so-called agenda by gays to destroy the black family. This should be required viewing for many LGBTQs who aren't people of color. And on that same note, it should be required viewing for many African-Americans who aren't LGBTQ. Rarely do we get our turn to speak when it comes to black issues. Our voices are either ignored or deliberately stifled by other black folks.

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Critical Dragon 1177 said...


Also, I don't think that anyone's agenda is to destroy the black family, except maybe white supremacists. They're pretty much the only one's whose agenda might benefit from that