Monday, February 22, 2021

CPAC cancels anti-Semitic speaker but keeping the one who claims that gays want to have sex with children

Conservative conference CPAC cancelled an anti-Semitic speaker but will retain the one who posted this tweet.

This week, CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) will be hosting its annual conference and it promises to be boisterous as always. The group is already in trouble because of a now canceled speaker.

From Raw Story 

The theme of this year's event is "America uncanceled," which is ironic since the organization that runs CPAC, Matt Schlapp's American Conservative Union, just canceled one of its scheduled speakers. That speaker, Young Pharaoh, has made statements CPAC is now calling "reprehensible. "On Twitter Young Pharaoh repeatedly posts about pedophilia, including linking it to LGBTQ people, Christianity, and the Biden family. 

Some of his tweets appear to echo QAnon and other conspiracy theories. He's also linked "caucasians" to bestiality. Media Matters reports Young Pharaoh "has told followers that Judaism is a 'complete lie' and 'made up for political gain,' said that Jewish people are 'thieving fake Jews,' tweeted that 'all the censorship & pedophilia on social media is being done by Israeli Jews,' and claimed that 'all of these big tech [companies], media, & social media platforms are controlled by CCP & Israel through Jewish CEO & corrupt Democrats.'" 

So score one in the decency column for CPAC. Or maybe not. 

People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch pointed out that Young Pharaoh only scratches the surface when it comes to CPAC speakers and invitees known for being "out there" 

Angela Stanton King, a promoter of QAnon conspiracy theories and anti-LGBTQ bigotry, is scheduled to speak at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference on a Sunday afternoon panel shortly before former President Donald Trump speaks. Stanton King spoke at a “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington, D.C. the night before the Capitol insurrection, where she praised Trump for standing up to demons and told the crowd Trump could still win because “God makes miraculous things happen.” .

 . . . And she is stridently anti-LGBTQ. Last week she went on a diatribe involving her own child, tweeting, “Thinking about how I fought for my son & sacrificed to raise him. While his Dad was rotting in prison. Just for him to grow up and decide he wants to be a woman."

Last year, I had a very interesting - and by interesting, I mean satisfying as in girlfriend tried me and learned that day - Twitter battle with King with regards to the following meme she tweeted

and then there is the embarrassing interview she stormed out of when confronted about  her promotion of QAnon conspiracies

Perhaps CPAC should invite Young Pharaoh back. I fail to see how Angela Stanton King is a step up from him. Or any different. 


JoeBuddha said...

Cancel Culture? #ConsequenceCulture!

Frank said...

Talk about teflon. Which is why she can get away with her nonsense. I wish I were that quick at shutting down a critic.