Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Hate group leader Tony Perkins obviously thinks that telling lies makes him a 'warrior for Christ'

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins has his terms mixed up.

Tony Perkins, head of hate group the Family Research Council, should be very glad that the adage about lightning striking one down for lying isn't factual.

Warriors for Christ? Really, Tony?  I suppose it could be possible except for the Biblical prohibitions against lying and bearing false witness - two things which Perkins and FRC have done extensively against LGBTQ people including:

claiming that we want to create an anti-Christian Holocaust,

calling us pawns of Satan,

falsely linking us with pedophilia time and time again,

and constantly using junk science and partnering with other users of junk science to undermine our rights and demonize us. Perkins and FRC are so shady that they even went after a Star Wars video game for being inclusive.

For the record, Perkins and his kind can brag about taking over all they want, but there is a big difference between talk and action. On that same note, Perkins can bray about being a "warrior for Christ," but the same rules still apply. And there are enough receipts and paper trails out there to prove that Perkins and his group can't consider themselves "warriors for Christ." That is unless they think that "lying for Christ" is a noble endeavor.

The sad thing though is that they probably do.

Hat tip to Right-Wing Watch.

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