Thursday, June 16, 2022

Candace Owens can't even tell a good lie. Far right personality busted using fake photo of 'drag queen'

 Conservative personality Candace Owens making a fascist fool of herself is as customary as a weekday. I am beginning to find it more and more difficult to be shocked by how low she stoops to grift the money. 

Still, girlfriend manages to pull a shock out of her cauldron every now and then. Like so:

Really Candace? I mean really? Let's go over this again. Drag Queen Story Hour is a perfectly innocent event enjoyed by kids and parents alike. Owens is simply trying to attach herself to the current right-wing moral panic about drag queens. It's simply another way people on her side of spectrum spook the gullible with lies about LGBTQ people supposedly wanting to harm children.

And what's more, Owens doesn't even try to tell a good lie as shown by this image:

The picture on the screen behind her is not from a Drag Queen Story Hour or any drag show. It is from a 2019 heterosexual burlesque show. Owens is simply the latest far right personality (aside from Babylon Bee editor Seth Dillon and FL Gov Ron Desantis's spokesperson Christina Pushaw) to use the photo to lie about Drag Queen Story Hour and drag queens in general.

Owens even verbally misrepresent the photo behind her as coming from a drag show starting at 1:40.

If folks used logic in this matter, they would ask if Drag Queen Story Hour and the like are so dangerous to kids, then why do right-wing personalities such as Dillon, Pushaw, and especially Owens have to lie to make that argument.

In their defense, logic has no place in the world of grifting, spooking, and clout chasing.

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