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Religious right blames 'civil rights' for situation involving kidnapped child

The Janet Jenkins/Lisa Miller situation has raged for a long time. Jenkins and Miller are two women in a relationship who agreed to have a child and raise the child together. However after the birth of the child, Isabella, Miller "renounced' her homosexuality and refused to allow Jenkins access to their daughter.

In December 2008, Newsweek magazine featured a long article about the case. Here are some of the facts:

Miller and Jenkins agreed to raise Isabella together.

Jenkins said the reason why she did not file for adoption was because she was told she didn't need to because they had the civil union (the two had married in a Vermont civil union before Isabella was born). 

When the two broke up, Miller agreed to allow Jenkins to have visitation rights. Jenkins even paid child support. Miller allegedly began keeping Isabella away from Jenkins.

The entire controversy is solely because Miller will not allow Jenkins to have unsupervised time with Isabella. Jenkins mainly won her case due to the Federal Kidnapping Prevention Law.

Miller has claimed she witnessed Isabella engage in disturbing behavior after vists with Jenkins. The claims were investigated by Virginia's Child Protective Services and were deemed "unfounded." 

Miller's continued resistance led the courts to give Jenkins full custody. However, Miller kidnapped little Isabella and at the present remains missing. Recently, the Supreme Court refused to listen to the case.

But in the eyes of the Family Research Council, allowing a parent to see her child is the blame for it all:

This case is a loss for all involved. It is a tragic consequence of the civil “right” that, unfortunately, Lisa Miller, fought for – and now has to live in spite of. Only this time, an innocent child suffers at the hands of adults in a political milieu where the innocent loses and no one, especially little Isabella, wins.

That's right. Blame the concept of a parent wanting to spend time with her child for the child's kidnapping instead the one who stole her. We all know why FRC is doing this. The parent wanting to spend time with her child is an lgbt and in their world, we aren't deserving of the right to have children or raise children.

Sorry, but the stereotypes of self-hating oversexed gay man, violent man-hating lesbians, and devious confused transgenders - all who have no concept of love, family, and devotion - are slowly but surely moving out of the door. And the FRC is moving with it.

If the organization had any idea of Christianity, it would be telling Miller to bring her self and little Isabella back to face the responsibility of her actions.

But, just like so many other occasions, we have seen that FRC practices a bizarro version of Christianity.

My belief, my wish, and my prayer is that this situation will turn out positive and Jenkins will be reunited with her daughter. It should be in all of our prayers and wishes.

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