Thursday, May 23, 2013

'Family Research Council pushes full-page ad against gay Scouts' and other Thursday midday news briefs

New ad: One of America's most hostile anti-gay groups asks BSA Delegates to make horrible mistake - Today is the day in which the Boy Scouts vote whether or not to allow gay scouts. And naturally the Family Research Council is all up in the situation with this full-page ad.

Boy Scouts president: Let in gay boys - Meanwhile, the president of the Boy Scouts has a different opinion of the situation.  

Why Do We Defend Discrimination? - An excellent point by my friend John Becker. In the case of racism and anti-Semitism, we don't defend bigotry. But in the case of lgbt equality, a lot of times, we do. Even lgbt folks.  

Oklahoma Congressman: The Left Is ‘Intolerant’ For Wanting Gay Boy Scouts - To me, this brief isn't solely about the Boy Scouts. It just amazes me that folks accuses lgbt of being "intolerant" because we simply want basic dignity and respect as human beings. To some folks, "tolerance" means being a doormat. Sorry, but I was never raised to be a doormat.

 Like Letting Serial Killers Teach Preschool: The Top 5 Religious Right Claims on the Consequences of Lifting the Gay Scouts Ban - Get ready for the crazy!

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