Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tony Perkins denounces hateful anti-gay rhetoric except his own

In a long-winded monologue on his show, Washington Watch, yesterday, Family Research Council said that he only “speaks from love” about gay people and that he “completely denounce[s] hateful rhetoric, calling people names and demonizing them.”

As Right-Wing Watch pointed out after that clip - and I am about to point out, Perkins is lying through his teeth. This is the same guy who claimed that gays are the "pawns of the devil:"


Then there are these lovely moments, courtesy of GLAAD, when Perkins:

-- Claimed: "Even if society embraced homosxuality, there would never be that sense of self-fulfillment because it's outside of how God created man and woman, and that's the bottom line.  They can't erase that."

-- Told "funny" story about his church converting "big women" into "ex-gays"

-- Claimed Uganda bill (with death penalty attached) simply "upholds moral conduct"

-- Compared the "unfortunate experience" and "lifestyle choice" of homosexuality to that of drug abuse

-- Claimed court-tested marriage equality will lead to a "revolution" in America

If Perkins keeps telling these blatant lies, he is going to have to get lightning insurance.

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