Monday, January 05, 2015

'Gay agenda' - fact vs. fiction

I read the following amusing "news article" courtesy of the American Family Association's One News Now:

The Human Rights Campaign has launched an $8.5 million campaign targeting three states in the South with the homosexual agenda. Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) says the strategy is obvious.

"The Human Rights Campaign, the world's largest homosexual lobby group, knows that the Bible Belt is the last bastion of people who are really solid on the homosexual issue," he explains. "And so they're naturally going after Mississippi, Alabama, [and] Arkansas; they're going after those states that still believe strongly in the Word of God."

Tim Cooke, the CEO of Apple and a native of Alabama, has come out as a homosexual and has made a substantial donation to the campaign targeting the three states. So LaBarbera urges pastors to realize that the movement, which sees homosexuality as a "gift" from God, is a battering ram to attack the Christian faith.

"They have to do things like change the definition of marriage. It's all a part of a desperate quest for affirmation -- anything it takes to take this thing which is a sin and turn it into something good or a civil right," the AFTAH president submits.

He concludes that people of faith, especially pastors, "have to be the ones who point this out to the rest of the culture."

It is an ignorant one-sided piece of propaganda which only serves to as a pitiful attempt to keep LaBabera in the public eye. It also underlines why those who share LaBarbera's point of view are losing ground everyday.

They continue to speak of the lgbt community as outsiders, as mysterious invaders looking to bogart ourselves into American culture and cause all sorts of mayhem.

They can't seem to understand that they are clinging to old images and old fears.  Meanwhile, the following video represents what we really are. And it also represents the simple fact that America has passed LaBarbera and company by.And the almost sad thing is that LaBarbera and company fails to realize this fact:

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