Monday, January 05, 2015

'Sounds of Sodomy' flyer backfires on anti-gay group

An anti-gay group from Ireland thought they had an original argument against marriage equality. As it turns out, not only was the argument unoriginal and repulsive to boot, but it made the group a laughing stock:

Despite the fact that straight parents have sex too, and straight people sometimes unwittingly allow their children to hear it, a yet to be identified lobby group purportedly produced a large number of these leaflets and handed them out in County Wicklow, Republic of Ireland.

Urging Christian voters to oppose equal marriage rights for homosexuals, the flyer says it hopes to put an end to this "beastly obsession with unholy acts."

According to The Huffington Post, online responses to the flyer hasn't exactly been supportive:

Feel free to check out more responses at The Huffington Post and The New Civil Rights Movement.

However, this entire nonsensical ado proves just why we are winning the marriage equality fight (thus far). The  opposition has either ridiculously long-winded arguments created by little thinktank prodigies barely wet behind the ears or bizarre sexual histronics masquerading as concrete thinking.

Meanwhile, our community has steadily been telling the stories of our relationships and families. Of  the unnecessary hoops we have to jump through in order to protect their interests or the level of disrespect we are exposed to by folks who will then play the victim and portray us as aggressive folks when all we demand the fairness that we deserve.

In the end, our reality trumps their lurid fantasies and silly unrealistic arguments every time.

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