Monday, January 05, 2015

'Some gay marriages in Florida happening NOW' & other Monday midday news briefs

3 things to know about same-sex marriage in Florida today - While gays can marry, some clerks and counties continue to act stupid.  

To Avoid Marrying Same-Sex Couples, 14 Florida Counties Stop All Courthouse Weddings - I reiterate - Total and completely stupid. 

 LGBT-owned firms get diversity boost - This is sweet!  

Michael Sam sells more NFL jerseys than top draft pick Jadeveon Clowney - Oh come on, guys. Hurry up and draft this guy!  

Porno Pete Ends 2014 Bemoaning Anti-Gay Losses, Writing Poetry - Some folks will ask why am I paying this nut any attention. It's simple. Anyone who has the temerity to rhyme "gayness" with "anus" deserves some sort of prize, even if it is the booby prize.


Erica Cook said...

What's wrong with boobies?

Erica Cook said...

I'd tell Porno Pete to not quit his day job, but given he sucks at that too, he just needs to find a new Shtick.