Monday, October 30, 2017

'Kevin Spacey accused of deflection in coming out as gay after claim he sexually harassed 14-year-old' & other Mon. midday news briefs

Media Skewered For Focus On Kevin Spacey Coming Out Rather Than Harassment  

Furious, Many Accuse Kevin Spacey of Coming Out as Gay to Deflect From Accusation of Underage Sexual Assault by Anthony Rapp

How Kevin Spacey tried to get everyone to ignore his alleged advances on a 14-year-old

If not for the indictments and guilty pleas from the Trump campaign and administration today, the news that Kevin Spacey finally came out in the midst of charges that he sexually harassed an actor when said actor was 14-years-old would be THE mega news of the day. But still, allow me to convey a message to Spacey:

 Dear Kevin Spacey, 


Yours truly, 

the Gay Mafia

 In other news: 

Phil Robertson Suggests Listening To BeyoncĂ© Will Give You An STD - Bigotry makes one SOOOO stupid! 

Louisiana man sues sheriff’s office for HIV discrimination - A form of discrimination we really need to talk about. 

Lambda Legal to High Court: Religious License to Discriminate Harms LGBT People from Cradle to Grave - PREACH!!!!

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