Monday, October 30, 2017

Trump supporter makes fool of himself in attempt to 'expose LGBTQ agenda'

Editor's note -All of the anger should be directed at anyone who exploits the Kevin Spacey situation to conflate being gay with pedophilia. The Kevin Spacey incident doesn't mean that being gay is conflated with pedophilia any more than the Weinstein incident and several incidents regarding other heterosexual men becoming known mean that all heterosexual men are dogs and rapists. That's all I'm going to say for now because the majority of folks should know better. I say "for now" because unfortunately some folks don't know better. Don't even try to exploit this, Family Research Council, etc.

Arthur Christopher Schaper is not known to many, but those who do know him regard him as a nuisance. The Los Angeles Times calls him " . . .the Trump backer leading the resistance to the resistance in California" 

 Schaper, a 36-year-old unemployed Torrance resident and blogger, usually shows up at public meetings in his red Make America Great Again cap, wearing a Trump flag as a cape. He records his escapades on cellphone video, narrating in real time as he trolls in real life. Schaper's style — which includes showing up to Waters' office with a sign reading, "Maxine Waters Go to Hell" — caused the Republican Party of Los Angeles County to pull the charter from the Beach Cities Republicans club of which he is president. 

 And that's not his only endeavor:

 Schaper is involved with numerous right-wing groups, including MassResistance, an anti-LGBTQ organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled a hate group. He said financial support from MassResistance helps fund his activism. 

 Hence the video below of him showing the "outrageous" things a children's library is doing to celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month." This video was shot by Schaper in June can in fact be called outrageous but for its banality and basic stupidity. Come on, guy! Where's the beef?


Patrick Shannon said...

Long past time that the citizens of the United States recognize the clear and present danger of hate-mongering professional liars as demonstrated in this piece.
I'm not an "Invisible Lesbian Tax-Payer." I am an openly Gay Man since before Stonewall and these vile Christ-O-Fascists are mentally ill predators upon our children.

Anonymous said...

He seems to be wandering around looking for the entrance.