Monday, October 30, 2017

Think Progress - Trump's trans ban blocked due to his incompetence & laziness

Incompetent Trump gets burned by a federal judge.

By now you know that a federal judge suspended Trump's executive order banning transgender men and women serving in the military.  The details will filter out and I'm sure the anti-LGBTQ industry will have its (false) spin on the situation.

But for my money, I love the post by Ian Millhiser of Think Progress, who pulls no punches, particularly with the headline  A court blocked Trump’s transgender military ban because Trump is lazy and incompetent 

Before most presidents announce a significant policy change, they spend some time studying the problem. They consult with outside experts and various stakeholders concerned about the issue. They seek the input of senior advisers, who themselves seek input from a team of researchers and policy experts. 
Donald Trump, by contrast, is more inclined to simply announce a major policy shift on Twitter. 
This lack of concern with the intricacies of policymaking bit Trump hard on Monday.

. . . Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly’s opinion is significant for several reasons, including the fact that it holds that courts should treat all government discrimination against transgender individuals with a great deal of skepticism. One of Judge Kollar-Kotelly’s most significant conclusions, however, is that she does not owe much deference to Trump’s judgment thanks to the slipshod way that Trump decided to implement the ban.
. . .In reaching this decision, Judge Kollar-Kotelly notes that she may have reached a different outcome if Trump had followed a more ordinary process before announcing his new policy. If Trump had bothered to study the question in a serious way “and then decided that banning all transgender individuals from serving in the military was beneficial to the various military objectives cited, this would be a different case. But as discussed above, that is not the case before the Court.” Rather “it appears that the rights of a class of individuals were summarily and abruptly revoked for reasons contrary to the only then-available studies.”

Millhiser goes on to break down just how shoddy Trump's defense for his executive order was and links his loss in court today to the losses he suffered regarding his Muslim ban, specifically with this savage closing sentence:

In the age of Trump, liberty’s greatest shield is Trump’s goonish ineptitude.

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Frank said...

We know of course that #45 had two motives for banning Transgender persons from the military: 1) he was pandering to the "religious" right and 2) he is spitefully and systematically attempting to "undo" anything and everything Obama did and stood for.