Wednesday, June 07, 2023

The story of the man who was NOT wearing the pro-trans pedophilia shirt at Pride

One thing LGBTQ people have to deal with these days are wannabe social media influencers trolling us for content. Groups such as Gays Against Groomers and Libs of TikTok and people like Matt Walsh and Tim Pool have had much success stirring up by the gullible sending out videos and clips mischaracterizing teachers and drag queens as 'groomers' and mischaracterizing our events as dangerous to kids.

Unfortunately, so many others want to get into the act, including this person below (Editor's note - the original tweet has been deleted but I saved a picture of it as you can see):

A photo like this is sure stir things up. As you can see, it's already gotten a lot of hits and it will probably cause a lot of accusations towards the entire LGBTQ community, particularly our trans brothers and sisters.

But here is the true picture which was caught and posted by watchful person on Twitter.
Will there be any repercussions? I don't know but I am leaning into the doubt category. When stuff like this is caught in time, folks generally let it pass without raising a fuss.

However, when these wannabe social media influencers are able to pass something like this along for a while without being called on it, it causes the LGBTQ community a myriad of problems as seen by the related posts below:


Anonymous said...

Desmond is the 16 year old kid in the picture on this shirt. He is having a very rough time of it and talking on his Instagram about being hurt over this. He isn't transgender and this is a photo I guess from 5-6+ years ago. He stated on a story he felt violated without consent, outed all over again and sexually harassed. This has to be very painful for him and I'm sure he is getting bullied at school over this. This is the sort of thing that causes LGBTQ+ youth suicide! These people won't care if they kill him or any other LGBTQ youth. Thank you for exposing this.

Anonymous said...

We need a queer state. As in, we literally need our own country.

The straights will never truly accept us. The last two years are proof of this. There will never be peace as long as they continue to lie and lie and fucking lie.

Critical Dragon 1177 said...


You should update the post, unfortunately it wasn't just Twitter where this nonsense has been spread. According to Snopes, it appeared on Facebook, TikTok and Trump's failure of a twitter alternative Truth Social

Critical Dragon 1177 said...

How would a "queer state" even work? I don't think that's a viable solution.