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Will it be 'death of a thousand cuts' for Kevin Jennings?

This is 2000, in Iowa, at the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network -- it's an event there. It's audio of Obama's safe schools czar, Kevin Jennings. This is the guy that, the 15-year-old kid approached him, said, "I'm having a -- an older man is forcing his way on me, sex and so forth." And Jennings says, "That's fine, are you using a condom?" and urged the 15-year-old to further the relationship, and then said later, "I saw this kid come back to school and every day had a big smile on his face. I knew I'd done a good thing." That's Obama's safe schools czar" - Rush Limbaugh on Oct. 7th - a week after every aspect of his version of the situation has been discredited.

Bishop E.W. Jackson, president and founder of Staying True to America's National Destiny (STAND), has written a letter to President Obama calling for Jennings' resignation. Jackson says that Jennings, as head of GLSEN, was involved in a cover-up.

The incident, as Jackson explains, involved a 15-year-old boy named "Brewster" who allegedly met an older adult male at a bus stop, went home with the man, and had sexual relations with him. Brewster later told Jennings about the incident. Jackson explains what happened next. -
American Family Association's One News Now pushing the same lie as Rush Limbaugh a day later

I can't imagine that President Obama lacked the sensitivity to think that somebody who had said the things that Mr. Jennings had said, had done the things that Mr. Jennings had done, had taken the sort of high-profile, in-your-face advocacy of things like NAMBLA and gay rights and queering elementary school curricula -- that the president of the United States would think this was a person that he ought to put in charge of safe schools, and yet he did. - former Bush Administration official Karl Rove, who offers no proof that Jennings is connected with NAMBLA while he pushes a sly coalition.

It's clear what is happening now.

When faced with the fact that their false claims against Jennings can't bring him down, the right merely increased the volume of the attacks.

It's the principle of the quantity of poor food during a famine. Who cares if it tastes terrible, as long as there is enough of it to satisfy.

By that same token, the mindset of the right seems to be "who cares if the information we push about Jennings is wrong, as long as there is so much of it that it brings him down."

This thing has never been about truth or accuracy. We all knew this.

It's about getting ratings or winning a round in a so-called culture war.

It's about undermining the Obama Administration and the cause of lgbt rights.

It's about throwing all sort of mess on the wall in hopes that some of it will stick and then trumpeting later in a sanctimonious fashion about how "there were too many questions about Jennings," or about how "the Obama Administration does a poor job in vetting officials."

I still think that Jennings will persevere (don't even think about resigning, Kevin), but I've lost the little bit of respect I've had for those who oppose him.

And I don't think that I am alone in this regard.

But I'm hoping that President Obama doesn't succumb to all of this nonsense.

He doesn't have that good of a reputation with the lgbt community. Now I've been willing to cut him some slack because the last person in President's chair screwed things up so badly that I can almost understand the "too many things on the President's plate" argument.

Please bear in mind that I said "almost."

However, if Obama should succumb in any way to these attacks on Jennings he will be sending a message to us all. To the right, he will be seen as a pushover. To the lgbt community, he will be seen as opportunist; willing to betray us "yet again."

How I will view him isn't fit for verbal or print comment.

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